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ODL (Open and Distance Learning) students are generally adult members of a family, full-time occupied and holding other responsibilities. On an average, a student cannot devote more than four hours per day for study. As a result in one year, he/she can devote approximately, 1500 hours for study. Credit point system is one of the important aspects while imparting instruction education through distance mode.

Credit point system is a measure of workload of a student’s effort. One credit point is equivalent to 30 hours of study. Credit points are calculated with the help of time spent by student for study and practical work.

  • Reading and understanding of the Self Learning
  • Attending Virtual sessions / Past recorded sessions through Internet
  • Attending Faculty Interaction sessions through Internet
  • Going through Pre-recorded lecture DVDs
  • Going through e-learning modules
  • Attending Personal Contact Programs
  • Preparation and submission of assignments
  • Preparation of the examination
  • Referring to additional material relevant to the subject area
  • Preparation of the project report / case study / submission


Credit Transfer Policy

The basic objective of a credit transfer is to encourage students under continual learning facility.

  • As per the policy of the institute to avail the credit transfer for any Program / Programs, student shall apply within the program validity period of the earlier program successfully completed with the institute.
  • Credit transfers are not allowed for any Programs studied by the student from other institutes/ universities outside of SCDL. Students cannot enrol for the individual Program/s of any Post Graduate Program at SCDL.
  • Student can transfer credit only for Programs which are common across programs offered by SCDL.
  • Students are allowed to transfer credit for a maximum of 4 common Courses from certificate or post graduate program towards any other post graduate program they wish to enrol.
  • For a credit transfer students must have completed and passed with a minimum of 50% in the earlier program enrolled.
  • The handwritten / type application addressed to “The Director, SCDL, Pune” along with photocopy of diploma certificate and final mark list of earlier program, is to be submitted to e-Communication Department.
  • There will be no concession in the program fees for the program in which the student wishes to enroll due to credit transfers.
  • There will be no change in duration or registration validity of the program in which the student wishes to enroll by availing credit transfers facility.
  • Credit transfers are subject to Registrar/Director’s approval.