Student Testimonials


Shreerang Kelkar
General Manager,
Thomas Cook
I have selected the PGDBA program at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. The choice of program was appropriate as I work in the Accounts and Finance Department of M/s Thomas Cook Ltd. The best part about the program is the relevance to the industry and this has definitely enhanced my knowledge and has helped me to better understand my work, the organization and the people I work with.

Mandeep Singh
Customer Support Officer,
State Bank of India
I gladly admit that the course has provided necessary insights into management principles applicable to the business world. Being a banker dealing with high value advances to medium enterprises, it is imperative to look beyond the financial statements of the companies. The course has given me a broader perspective of the business, helping me to understand my clients in a much better way.

Rajesh Nagarkar
Project Manager, Tieto
I am an engineering graduate currently working as Project Manager in an IT company in the Finance domain. The post graduate course in Banking has given me knowledge and skill as per industry standards. With facilities like computer based booking for exams can enrol and study without affecting my current job. Symbiosis has worldwide recognition which will help me throughout my career.

Manashi Das
Sr. QC Officer, Ememi Ltd.
The PGDHRM at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning gave me a profound understanding of major Human Resource related disciplines as well as practical tools and techniques which I can use in my future endeavours. My association with SCDL has been very enriching and satisfying.

Syed Zubair Ahmed
Executive, SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.
I have been working in the insurance sector for the last 4 years and I personally feel that the PGDIM program, that I am undergoing, offers a wide range of benefits. I have gained valuable business knowledge which has helped me to understand and gauge various aspects of business strategies and concepts many of which can be applied to our day to day business operations. The curriculum is tailor-made to ensure that we learn every aspect of business in detail which adds a great wealth to our knowledge.

Khushboo Jain
Interior Designer
Dimension Retail Design India Pvt. Ltd.
I am pursuing the PGDRM program from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. I am an interior designer by profession and I work in a retail design company. Other than design, my work also involves planning, management and coordination. The program facilities in knowing more about retail have been able to apply my learning and skills to my work, which has further helped me manage my work assignments better!

Poonam Pagay
Asst. Manager - Administration, Edvance Pre-School
I have completed PGDCRM from SCDL in 2010 and now I am pursuing PGDHRM. The reason why I chose SCDL is because of its very efficient and professional approach. The course material, eLearning modules, chat room and virtual class prepare you thoroughly, giving you complete understanding of the subject. PGDCRM prepared me well for the prevalent corporate culture by improving my knowledge regarding business practices. This helped me immensely in my present job. Thanks to SCDL for where I stand today & for helping me achieve greater success in my chosen field.

Sunil Datey
Sr. Manager, Kenersys India Private Ltd.
I am pursuing the PGDRM program from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. I am an interior designer by profession and I work in a retail design company. Other than design, my work also involves planning, management and coordination. The program facilities in knowing more about retail have been able to apply my learning and skills to my work, which has further helped me manage my work assignments better!

Amrut Pastekar
Officer - Finance, Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd.
Through the PGDEXIM program at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning have not only learnt the theoretical aspects of my profession, but also its practical application. My course gives me a professional edge making my resume stand out with the globally reputed institute mark. SCDL has not only offered me an enriching learning experience but also helped enhance my resume.

Kunal Bhat
Sr. Project Manager (IT), Tech Mahindra Private Limited
I was looking for a program which would provide a firm grounding as an entrepreneur in a short duration, at my convenience & help me think away from the 'task' mode towards a 'growth' mode. That's when I shortlisted the Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship Development at Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. The overall course is fast-paced yet comprehensive and provides necessary entrepreneurial perspective of one's work, of leveraging the on-field experience to strategize, organize, manage and deliver growth.

Vinay Takawale
Executive, Maersk Global Services Center Pvt. Ltd.
The PGDIT course has helped me unlock the door of capabilities in the field of IT and Business Management. The best part of the program is excellent industry acceptance and OPPORTUNITIES on completion of the program! The program is a unique combination of knowledge and skills required in the practical world. And I genuinely appreciate the freedom of facing computer based exams in a period of 4 years. This fits perfectly into my work schedule. The program has given me a fantastic career progression!

Mrs. Vivek Pal
Technical Writer, Mindtree
Pursuing the Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing at SCDL, has simplified my work in several aspects. Estimating the time for every report has become more accurate. Planning the weekly & monthly deliverables is now more efficient & easy, review process is more stringent and streamlined, Quality escalations have drastically reduced. The program has helped me work efficiently and effectively!

Kanchan Deshpande
City Pride School
Considering I am pursuing a doctorate in the field of education - I wanted to update myself about the dynamics in the education sector. I am very obliged to Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, for giving me this opportunity to study along with my current profession. PGDEA has truly helped me a lot in my current profession by giving me complete knowledge and understand of the educational systems in the country and detailed overview of the operations in a work class institution.

Prashant Uttekar
Manager, Etisalat DB Pvt. Ltd.,
I am a student of PGDID. Before taking admission enquired about this program and some of our best Learning and Development heads have recommended this program from SCDL. As a facilitator have used few training concepts and approaches prior to taking admission at SCDL. However, the rich course content offered by SCDL has introduced me to many more concepts and approaches. The course content certainly helps me with analytical and logical thinking, while creating functional and behavioural training or process content.

Kavitha Kaimal
I have always had the passion for teaching. After my post-graduation got married and my priorities changed. Yet the burning urge to teach was intact. Everywhere I went was asked for a B.Ed. in addition to my qualifications. At last I came across SCDL's PGDPTT course which opened a new window. I can now take care of my household duties and chase my dreams of teaching.

Meghana Rajan
Teacher, Presidency School
DTE course has introduced me to many new concepts & given me a solid understanding of teaching English. The course material provides substantial training and prepares you for a classroom experience at different levels. Many activities presented in the course are effective in practical classroom teaching.

Arvind Hariharan
Lead Technical Writer,
Ness Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
SCDL offers an extremely dynamic and interesting curriculum for the Creative Writing program, compiled by the best creative talent in the country. Anyone trying to make a mark as a creative writer, will surely benefit from this program. This program helps you organize your thoughts and trains you to observe and learn from things around you - a vital ingredient needed for any writer.

Amrita Singh
Legal Analyst, Infosys Technologies Ltd.
The PGDBCL course from SCDL has given me immense support to pursue my higher study with flexibility of time. This course is designed in such a manner that it serves its purpose to the greatest extent. The study materials are also comprehensive and easy to grasp. The best part of this course is that I can study at my own pace without sacrificing my job. Moreover, SCDL is a highly distinguished and elite institution, which gives recognition and strength to our career. This course has given a new dimension to my career path in the true sense.

Ritesh Pande
Manager, TATA Teleservices Ltd
I found SCDL to be a state of the art institute with a very good reputation among employers; the institute has been a gift to students who want to pursue education along with their employment / regular full time studies. The flexibility and the quality of learning mode are excellent. For me, SCDL is and will always be a source of gaining knowledge and self-confidence.
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