Evaluation Methodology Questions

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Evaluation Methodology Questions

  1. What are the evaluation methods used for the program?
  2. Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning has a Dynamic Assessment System , Participants decide the time, place and pace of the exam! Huge advantage for working professionals allowing them to prioritise their professional and learning needs.

    Each subject usually comprises of an Assignment and Computer based Examination. The assignment is available in the student login and can be completed as per the respective semester schedule. The examinations include a combination of objective and subjective element. Examinations are conducted at designated exam centers across the country . Students are required to book their slots as per their time and pace , Hence named On Demand.

Section A -Assignments:

  1. When are assignments scheduled?
  2. Assignments are released from second month of each semester. Students get access to assignments on payment of the full fee.
  3. What if I fail in my assignment? Can I retake?
  4. Yes, you can retake the assignments. Please note that you would be required to pay in case you appear for more than 2 attempts for a particular subject,No improvements are allowed
  5. What types of questions are excepted in an Assignment?
  6. The assignments follows the objective question style with sections on True or False; match the Following; Multiple Choice; Select the Right Option; Fill in the blanks.
  7. When are the assignment results declared?
  8. The assignments get evaluated immediately. You can see your assignment result soon after you finish the assignment. You are requested to take the Print of the score card for future reference. The score will get updated within 24 hours in your Performance Sheet in Student Centre Login.
  9. What are minimum pass marks for assignments?
  10. The minimum passmark for the assignmentis 50%.

Section B - On Demand Exams:

  1. Where and When can I appear for these exams?
  2. Examinations are released in the 3rd month of each semester and the link for the same is available in the student login. You can appear for the examinations at designated exam centers. Please refer to the student login for the detailed list.
    The highlight of your study with SCDL is On demand examinations , which means you can book your examination slot as per your time convenience. The exam booking can be done through the student login.
  3. What if I fail in my exam? Can I retake?
  4. Yes you can retake the exam. The examination fees are applicable for the retake subjects.
  5. When are the results declared for the examinations?
  6. The results are declared on the 10th of every month. A consolidation of the results is available in the student login for your reference.
  7. Would I get marksheet per semester?
  8. Yes, students can print the mark sheet from their respective student centre login.