Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain Technology is an emerging field which is getting everyone’s attention all over the world. It is a decentralised, distributed and public digital ledger in a verifiable and permanent way which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.

Why to learn Blockchain Technology?

With business benefits such as accurate tracking, reduced operating costs, quicker transactions, and increased transparency, the global market for Blockchain-related products and services is expected to explode more. Now in India also, the Blockchain Technology has started to make its ways. Many orgnaizations have started using the technology to revolutionize their business procedures. The demand for Blockchain talent is skyrocketing, thereby it offers various opportunities for learners in many large companies and startups and also, there is lack of skilled Blockchain techies. Considering all this situation, the aspirants who wants to make their career in the Blockchain have a great future. 

What is the eligibility criteria to study Blockchain Technology?

Candidate should be Graduate/Post Graduate in any discipline from a recognized university having the Basic understanding of Information Technology and Networking Concepts can purse the degree or certification in Blockchain technology.

From where to learn Blockchain Technology?

IIT, Amity, UpGrad, MIT, Simplilearn, Udemy, Coursera, edX, Symbiosis Distance Learning offer the courses of different levels in Blockchain.

Why Symbiosis Distance Learning?

The programs offered by Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning are especially designed for working professionals to provide them a flexible learning environment. SCDL comes with the experience of more than a decade in distance learning so it understands the requirements of working professionals and helps them to fulfil their career aspirations.

Symbiosis Distance learning offers the Certificate Course in Blockchain Technology for technical, non-Technical, managers, and students who are interested in Blockchain Technology. It intends to develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology and its application in the various sectors, provide exposure to the top platforms and languages to foster innovation within the industry. Also, students will get the knowledge of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger and various findings through case studies. As, the course is designed for the students having ambitions for managerial roles, its curriculum does not include programming.

The course is online so it has virtual classes and online interactions with experts. Media used for delivery of instruction includes lecture notes, online material, face to face tutorials, face to face counselling, work books/Activity sheets, recorded archive lectures on website, Webinars or Workshops wherever necessary. Also, Examinations are conducted at designated exam centres across the country so that student can get the opportunity to attend the exams as per their own pace.

Career Opportunities

Qualified Blockchain experts are in high demand in today’s workplace in both large and small organizations. Certificate Course in Blockchain Technology from SCDL opens the opportunities for leaners to become a Blockchain consultant, managers, designers and quality engineers in a wide range of industries like supply chain, finance, health care, information technology, telecommunications, renewable energy, Government.

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