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Maharana Pratap Statue, Pune


Exploring new places can be really fun, especially if you can club it with your work. Especially, when you are coming to the city of Pune. Since, you will be in the city for two days for the ICDE Conference, do not miss the opportunity of visiting interesting places and quirky bazaars/haats in and around the city.

Pune, also known as the Peshwa city, was once the base of the Peshwas (prime ministers) of the Maratha Empire. It is also known as the Pensioner’s Paradise because many retired people prefer to make the city their home after retirement

The city boasts of a pleasant climate all year around. The daytime may be a little high in summers but evenings and nights are always breezy and cool. Though monsoons are the best time to explore nearby places.

From the highly posh localities in Koregaon Park to the book stalls at Appa Balwant Chowk, the city offers you everything.

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The View of Western Ghats(Lonavala)

You can take a trip around the city and catch a glimpse of the quaint wadas and monuments of historical significance. For instance, the Aga Khan Palace, built in 1892 is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, whose ashes are preserved in the garden. On the other hand, you can stop by at the 8th-century Pataleshwar Cave temple that is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

Pune is referred to as the ‘Oxford of the East ’.It has various renowned educational institutes like schools, colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges, universities etc. Some these institutions are also listed amongst the best schools and colleges of India.

Most of the places are easily accessible and transportation is not a problem here. The public transport facilities are competitively better in Pune. You can stop by a cup of Irani chai with bun maska in one of the old Irani joints dotted around the city. Don’t miss to try the vada paos, missal pao, puran poli and delectable non-vegetarian dishes that will give you the true essence of the city.

Tourist Attractions


Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Shaniwar Wada

The palace and fort reflect the glory of the Maratha Empire. Situated in the city area of Pune, the grand structure features Maratha architectural style and its 21 ft door is known as the Delhi Darwaza. The palace was destroyed in a major fire in 1827 and now only the fort walls exist. A must-see!


Nestling in top of Parvati hill are five temples which were built by the Peshwas. It is easily accessible by steps leading up there. The hill also offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Pune.


Steeped in history, the Sinhagad Fort saw many battles fought during the 17th century, the most famous being the battle of Sinhagad. The legendary leader Shivaji had to give up the fort to free his father here. He later recaptured it.

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Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Aga Khan Palace

Built in 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III, it is one of Pune’s major historical attractions. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned along with his wife during the peak of protests against British rule. Gandhi’s wife Kasturba died here.

The National Defence Academy (NDA)

The NDA is the premier military institution in India and boasts of a sprawling campus which is scenic and serene.

National War Museum

This war memorial is dedicated to those martyred after India’s Independence in 1947.

An aircraft used during the Kargil war with Pakistan is also mounted there.

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Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

The museum contains more than 20,000 artefacts collected by Dinkar Kelkar. The three-storey building houses various sculptures dating back to the 14th century. The collection ranges from furniture to musical instruments

Pune City area

The City area offers a range of shopping varying from clothes to trinkets. The quaint wadas, or houses with a compound, offer old world charm amidst small, bustling streets full of vehicles. It also has the famous Dagdusheth Halwai temple.

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The Osho International Meditation resort, Pune

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Known as Main Street, it a great place for shopping and eating. A gentle stroll on the street is worthwhile.

It is also close to the high-end area of Koregaon Park where the famous Osho International Meditation resort is situated. Many hi end eating joints are situated in this area, dishing out a variety of cuisines.

Other attractions

Pune is a modern city and has many malls which offer branded clothes to cinema screens. The Phoenix and Amanora Malls are two of the many which provide virtually everything.

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City Of Dreams


Ye hai Mumbai meri jaan… The line aptly describes Mumbai.. the city that never sleeps!

It is India’s largest city and also known as the commercial capital of India. It beats with a distinctive rhythm, a life pulse that springs from the people.

In Mumbai, you will find a potpourri of culture - people of different caste, creed and religion living in complete harmony.

Marathi is the official language of the region. However, the intermingling of people from all corners of the country has ensured the recognition of numerous other languages.

The iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924 is in Colaba. From here, you can take a boat ride to the Elephanta Caves. Opposite ton the Gateway of India, is theTaj Mahal Hotel, where the terrorist laid siege happened on 26/11.

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The Taj Mahal Hotel

Opposite to it are a slew of boutiques and eateries. The famuus Leopold Café is also situated there. Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island, holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

The city's also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry.

Shopping is a must in Mumbai where high-end stores and malls are interspersed with local merchants offering everything under the sun.

Quaint shops are found in the backstreets of Mumbai. The many bookshops are worth checking out.

Mumbai also offers a variety of food. There are plenty of eateries, many known for their speciality.

Mumbai is a city of people. There are people everywhere. The buzz all through the day and night must not be missed.

Tourist Attractions

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Gateway of India Mumbai

Gateway of India

This 20th century structure reflects the political history of India.

It is a popular landmark which interests both tourists and historians.

With an archway which is 26 metres high, this impressive monument overlooks the Arabian Sea.

It was built in 1924 to mark the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to India in 1911.

The intricately designed latticework and turrets are magnificent.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

One of the busiest railway stations in India, the grand Victorian-Gothic structure, known as Victoria Terminus earlier, has been named as a Unesco World Heritage site.

It was built in 1887 to mark the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. The various domes and arches, interspersed with exquisite glass makes it a major tourist attraction.

Elephanta Caves

The network of caves have temples is located on Elephanta islands. The 7th century temples are dedicated to the God Shiva. Worth visiting.

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Mount Mary Church

Siddhivinayak Temple

The temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is very popular with the locals and tourists alike. It was built in the 18th century.

The wooden doors are carved with the eight manifestations of Lord Ganesha. It is usually crowded but this grand temple must be visited.

Mount Mary Church

Located in the Mumbai suburb of Bandra, the church is very popular with people of all religions.

It stands atop a hill and is a beautiful structure offering peace and tranquillity.

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Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

One of Mumbai’s oldest and most popular beach offers seaside relaxation and amusement for the whole family. The palm trees and sandy stretches add beauty to it.


This is a beach near the famous Marine Drive. It is a favourite picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. There are lot of eateries around where local fare like pav bhaji or bhel puri is available.

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Qutub Minar


Journey: Delhi can be reached by flight in around two hours. It takes nearly a day by train. Those who have a little more time should take the famed superfast Rajdhani Express which gets to Delhi in just over 15 hours.

The capital of India Delhi offers a rich blend of the ancient and modern! Bazaars, malls and modern structures blend with old monuments and buildings offer a rich canvas of old and the new.

It is an absolute delight for those seek to expand their knowledge of history amidst old world charm. It is home to three World Heritage monuments - Qutub Minar, the Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb which have survived many centuries.

A trip down Old Delhi is a must for any tourist. Old, winding lanes bustle with teeming masses of people in a hurry to get to work or run an errand, avoiding the rickshaws and vehicles which take up entire roads.

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Taj Mahal

The quaint little shops and slightly larger stores offer a unique shopping experience. From spices to clothes, you can get everything here. Bargaining is a must!

Delhi possesses a well-connected metro system which makes travelling easier. All the important points in Delhi are well connected by the Metro.

Hop off bus services are on offer for tourists who want to see the city in a day.

Many old complexes featuring architecture from the Mughal and Tughlaq periods are seen everywhere. These sprawling structures are well preserved and worth seeing.

For those who love to eat, Delhi’s vast cuisine is an absolute delight! Don’t miss out on street corner stalls which offer many delicacies which delight the taste buds.

Delhi is well connected with nearby cities by a well-connected road, air and train network. A trip to Agra can be undertaken easily to see the Taj Mahal.

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Delhi City

This opportunity must not be missed! The distance between Delhi and Agra is around 180km and many transportation facilities are available including road and rail. There are more than 15 trains between Delhi and Agra.

The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world. Grab the chance to see it!

Delhi is a city full of life. The hustle and bustle, the blaring of horns and people rushing about adds to the charm of city which reflects India’s rich culture and modern trends.

A must see for all!

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Portuguese colony of Goa


Journey: Goa can be accessed by flight in around an hour. There are regular luxury buses also available, completing the journey in 10 hours. Rail journeys can also be undertaken.

The former Portuguese colony of Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India.

Goa is not only about pristine beaches alone! There are many old churches, temples and historical places to visit.

There is something about Goa which makes one visit it again and again! Goa means relaxation by the beach side, taking a swim and indulging in one of the most delightful cuisines in the world.

What makes Goa tick is also the wonderful people there. Most Goans like to enjoy life and this permeates to the tourists too.

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Music adds to the essence and spirit of Goa! As the evening unveils, different genres of music pervades the beaches. There are live concerts, parties and DJs playing.

Shacks are available to spend the whole day at the beach.

Bambolim, Calangute, Baga and Vagator are some of the world-famous beaches worth spending time on. There are also many unexplored beaches which can be accessed.

A gentle drive down the many villages and towns of Goa is an experience of its own.

Lovely ancient churches with their grand architecture are worth stopping and visiting.

The Se Cathedral, Nunnery of Santa Monica and the Church of Basilica of Bom Jesus are not to be missed.

There are many ancient temples also dotting the wayside.

Wildlife sanctuaries are there too for those who love nature and animals.

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Accommodation is never a problem in Goa off season as there are plenty of top hotel brands available along with more economical places.

Many of the five-star hotels have opened resorts in Goa, offering luxury and comfort.

Goa is best enjoyed outdoors. So don’t miss the opportunity.

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